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Tecnicas Reunidas CanadaHydrometallurgy and Electrochemistry

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Since 1971, the TR group through the Area of Hydrometallurgy and Electrochemistry (H&E) undertakes for its clients industrial plants based on in-house developed technologies and processes. These technologies are focused on non-ferrous metals recovery and also other electrochemical processes. With its industrial experience in solvent extraction TR ranks among the global benchmarks in this field and is a leader in zinc.

H&E counts with a Technology Centre thanks to which TR is present in the development of innovative technologies through R&D projects both national and European.

Our Work

The main activity of the Area of Hydrometallurgy and Electrochemistry (H&E) of TR is the undertaking of industrial plants based on our own technology portfolio.

H&E works in the following fields:

  • Metallurgy and Hydrometallurgy: Processing of mining ores and concentrates, Waste mining and metallurgy.
  • Electrochemical and Chemical Processes.
  • Recycling and Treatment of urban and industrial effluents.
  • Energy Production and Storage.
  • Materials and Nanomaterials.
  • Biopolymers.

Besides TR maintains a strong presence in R&D technology projects promoted at national and European level. TR Promotes the European Sustainable Mining Platform as one of the founding partners.

Our Technologies

The Area of Hydrometallurgy and Electrochemistry owns a big amount of clean hydrometallurgical processes for the recovery of metals. It also has extensive experience in leaching, solvent extraction and electrolysis processes.

The following technologies can highlighted depending on the recovered metal and the work media:

  • Zinc: ZINCEX ® and Modified ZINCEX® Process (sulfate) and ZINCLOR (chloride).
  • Lead: PRIMALEAD (sulfate) and LEADCLOR, PLACID ® and PLINT (chloride).
  • Copper: CUPREX (chloride) and ROSEL®.
  • Nickel: GENIALL and NICHLOR (chloride) and ROSEL®.
  • Mercury: MERCUREX (chloride)La tecnología ZINCEX® es la tecnología netamente hidrometalúrgica número uno en el mundo para la recuperación de zinc a nivel industrial.

ZINCEX® technology is the worldwide number-one purely hydrometallurgical technology for the recovery of zinc at industrial level.


The Area of Hydrometallurgy and Electrochemistry provides the following services:

  • Technology licensing.
  • Process design; from laboratory scale to industrial implementation. Conceptual, Basic and Front-end engineering.
  • Techno-economical feasibility studies.
  • Proprietary equipment supply.
  • Pilot Plants.
  • Technical assistance; engineering and construction supervision, training and start up.
  • Research & Development; laboratory tests and scale-up.
  • Chemical analysis; sample preparation, mineral and sample characterization and method development.

Technology Center

The Area of Hydrometallurgy and Electrochemistry counts with a Technology Center covering a total area of 4500 m2 with the following facilities:

  • Complete Test area hydrometallurgy and electrochemistry studies.
  • Complete Test area hydrometallurgy and electrochemistry studies.
  • Pilot and demonstration plants designed to be flexible enough for very different process configurations.
  • Analytical chemistry laboratory for the characterization of organic and inorganic compounds and specialized in the determination of major, minor, trace and ultra trace analysis in solids and in solutions.
  • Workshop for the manufacture of prototypes and special equipment.
  • Computer resources for CAD (Autocad®), computerized fluid dynamic simulation (Floworks® and VisiMix) and process simulation (Metsim® and Ecosim®).

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