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TR Canada has been headquartered in Calgary, AB since 2012 and has carried out several projects in the Upstream, Downstream, Petrochemical and Power Generation industries in Canada. You can check our Canadian experience more in depth at Projects in Canada.

As a group, TR brings a vast experience in the development of Oil & Gas projects worldwide. Some of the most telling figures showing the success and expertise of TR Group:

  • TR Group has designed and built worldwide:
    • Over 400 Refining units
    • Over 150 Petrochemical Units
    • Over 70 Upstream gas plants
    • Over 55 Cogeneration power plants
    • Over 30,000 km pipelines
    • Other miscellaneous industrial plants
  • TR Group keeps 20 branch offices to support its international presence and its worldwide operations.
  • TR has proprietary fertilizer and hydrometallurgy technologies.

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